House Rules

  1. Admittance to Wessagussett Yacht Club (WYC) property is restricted to current Members, their families and guests when accompanied by the Member, visiting Members of other Yacht Clubs with which we have reciprocal rights or transient guests that have been assigned a transient slip.
  2. All members shall have their membership card with them when on Club property and produce it upon request of the Chief Steward or a Club Officer.
  3. Club keys are NOT TRANSFERABLE nor are they to reproduced by Members. Any such occurrence will result in an adverse action by the Board of Directors. Numbered Club keys are distributed and recorded by the Club Secretary to Members in good standing.
  4. The Member’s Room shall be for the use of Associate, Senior, Flag, Life and Social members, their families and guests.
  5. Members using the Club in the absence of a Club Steward or security person shall be responsible for Club property. Upon leaving the premises; the heat will be turned down, unnecessary lights will be turned off, doors locked and the alarm activated.
  6. All personal property on Club premises shall be at the owner’s risk and the Club shall be held harmless in the event of theft or damage of such property. Personal locks which must be forced open will be done by the Chief Steward in the presence of another Club Member.
  7. No Club property shall be willfully destroyed, damaged or defaced. The person causing damage shall be liable for the cost of replacing or repairing such damage unless the Board of Directors remits his or her obligation to do so.
  8. All Members are expected to cooperate in keeping the Club premises in a neat and clean condition. Members are responsible for the actions of their families and guests.
  9. No Club property shall be removed/borrowed from the Club house, grounds or floats without the permission of the Chief Steward or a Club Officer.
  10. NO flammable materials or liquids (e.g. fuel cans, fuel lines or paint) shall be stored or brought into the Club house or locker area. Lockers may be inspected for fire hazards at any time by the Chief Steward or Club Officer.
  11. Unleashed dogs are not allowed on Club premises. Dogs are allowed in all outside areas as long as leashed and under control. If a dog is found to be a nuisance by either a Board member or a present steward or launch operator, the dog must immediately be brought to either the members boat or off of club property. Any member that feels their dog is being unjustly removed must adhere to the boat or off premises ruling until such time as either the House Chairman or a Majority of the board votes to reinstate the dogs outdoor area rights.
  12. No disorderly conduct shall be allowed on Club premises at any time and obscene language shall not be tolerated.
  13. Guests as well as Members are subject to all House Rules. Members inviting guests will be considered responsible for their guest’s conduct while on Club premises.
  14. Transient guests and their party may access all common areas of the Club and are subject to compliance with the House Rules.
  15. The Club Stewards are authorized to enforce all House Rules as prescribed here-in and are to report infractions to the Chief Steward. Non-compliance with the House Rules may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.