Slip Rules

  1. The Slip/Float Committee is in full charge of the float system, the assigned locations, and the vessels within, answering to the Board of Directors. All club rules also apply to the float system and are enforceable by the Board of Directors.
  2. All tenant members and daily renters must be general members of the Wessagussett Yacht Club (WYC) with dues currently paid. If available, daily rentals may be made to visiting yacht club members and guests at the discretion of the committee or the senior steward. Daily renters must vacate the floats by noon of the following day, with exceptions decided by the Slip/Float Committee. Transient guests may be assigned a slip designated as a transient slip based on availability, providing that the boat owner provides proof of insurance with a minimum of $300,000 in liability coverage. Transient guests and any member of their party are responsible for compliance with the WYC House and Slip/Float rules and regulations during their stay at the Club.
  3. All boat assignments will be handled on a strict seniority basis of the Slip waiting list, with consideration given to: date of application, type of vessel, size of vessel and available space. The current waiting list will be posted at the club.
  4. Assigned space cannot be exchanged, rented, leased, chartered, or used by anyone other than the tenant’s vessel.
  5. The Slip/Float Committee reserves the right to make or change any assignment of float space at any time, with due notice to the tenant members affected.
  6. No vessel over forty feet in length will be accepted.
  7. Float assignments will be renewed each year upon tenant request by April 1st of each Year; with slip fees paid by April 1st. Club dues must be paid before the Treasurer accepts any slip fees. Members will be charged a late fee for any slip payment made after April 1st. The amount of the late fee will be decided by the Board of Directors at the November Board meeting. Any other arrangements are to be made with the approval of the Slip/Float Committee, but in no case are fees to be paid later than May 15 – Slip assignment is lost if not paid by this date.
  8. Prior to any member taking occupancy of a slip, that member shall submit an up to date Certificate of Insurance, or copy of, indicating evidence of liability. Dollar limits to be determined by the committee.
  9. The Slip/Float Committee has the right to: remove any tenant member, refuse any application, or refuse to renew any float assignment, based on a member’s noncompliance to any rule established by the WYC or the Slip/Float Committee. Due notice and hearing by the Board of Directors will be given to the member.
  10. The time of float use is to be determined by the Slip/Float Committee and will be open to tenant members approximately during the months of May to October.
  11. In case of an emergency, storm or other natural disaster, the Committee has the right to take whatever precautions it deems necessary, or to evacuate the floats and demand that all tenants remove their vessels immediately. The Evacuation Plan and Insurance Certificate forms for each vessel must be on file at the club before any slip is occupied. The launch will remain on the dock for use as an emergency vessel.
    1. Calling evacuations: Any three members of the Board of Directors and/or the Slip/Float Chairman are authorized to call for an evacuation. Slip members who do not adhere to the evacuation stand to lose their slip and be financially responsible for damage to the docks. No exceptions or second chances.
    2. A mandatory evacuation will be performed on a yearly basis and must be adhered to by all slip members. The date for the mandatory evacuation will be announced and posted a minimum of one month in advance.
  12. The Slip/Float Committee, or the WYC, assumes no responsibility for any damage to any vessel, or property of tenants, whether by another member or WYC.
  13. Any member leaving his slip for forty-eight hours (48) or larger must notify the Slip/Float Chairman and give an approximate date of return. Slip/Float Chairman may reassign that slip for that period of time. Members leaving their slips for extended periods of time must notify the Chairman 24 hours in advance of their return.
  14. The fee for member’s assigned space shall be figured by multiplying the overall length of the vessel by $27.50 for all members who had slip assignments prior to January 1st, 2013 and by $30.00 for any slip assignment after January 1st, 2013.. The treasurer will send bills and payment will be made to WYC. This fee is set by the Slip/Float Committee ($20.00 if member loaned the Club $1000.00).
  15. A rental fee of $10.00 per day will be charged to temporary tenants who are general members of WYC not regularly assigned to the float system. It shall not exceed the annual amount that would have been charged if the tenant were a permanent tenant.  Transient guests that are not members of another yacht club can book their stay on Dockwa and pay the stated amount.  Transient guests that are members of another yacht club with which we have reciprocal rights will be allowed a 20% discount via Dockwa.
  16. The minimum fee on the north side of “B” dock will be based on 28′. The minimum fee on the south side of “B“ dock will be based on 24′. The minimum fee on the north side of “A” dock will be based on 18′.The minimum fee on “C” dock will be set at the Dock Masters discretion.
  17. No tenders, dinghies, outboard motors, float lockers, or other equipment may be stored on the floats. Boarding steps on finger floats may be used with prior approval of the Slip/Float Committee.
  18. Inflatables assigned to the south side of A dock, or to the east side of the main dock, may not be longer that thirteen (13′ ) without approval of the Dinghy Committee. All other types may not exceed ten (10′) feet without approval of the Dinghy Committee.
  19. Any changes to the float system property must be approved by the Slip/Float Committee.
  20. Club members are not allowed to leave club premises if their boat is on the docks, other than slip members whose boat is in an assigned slip. If there is a mechanical problem with a boat, the owner must receive approval from the Slip/Float Chairman or the Head Steward in order to leave a boat on the dock for up to 24 hours.  The docks will be painted to avoid confusion. – This should be a separate clause
    1. If painted red (gas dock): Absolutely no boat tie-up for any reason other than gas.
    2. If painted green (pump-out dock): 15 minutes.
    3. If painted orange (outside dock): 60 minutes for unloading only, but members are not allowed to leave the Club.
  21. The following rules also apply:
    1. Boats underway will make no wake while approaching or leaving the dock.
    2. Propane ,fixed mount grills are allowed as long as they are on the outboard side of the boat and at least 4feet from the any dock surface , any other grill or open flames are not allowed
    3. Discharging of heads is prohibited.
    4. Discharging of oil, flammable liquids, or oily bilges is prohibited.
    5. No refueling of vessels is permitted at the slips.
  22. The painted areas of the main pier designated as the gas dock will be used for fueling only. Boat owner; shall cause as little delay as possible. Boats will not be left unattended at the gas dock. – This needs to be amended if the gas dock is to be moved.
  23. Participants in the Sailing Program shall use the East side of the swim area.
  24. All assigned tenant members are to perform any necessary maintenance and construction work needed upon request over and above their regular work party assignments.
  25. After WYC membership dues and slip fees have been paid, should the tenant member sell his boat or be unable to use his slip, the slip will remain in the tenant’s name for the balance of the year.
    1. A prorated refund may be made dependant on the fees collected from transient or temporary rentals.
    2. A tenant may apply in writing to the Board of Directors for a one time “one year waiver” without loss of seniority or slip assignment. Slip fees for the year immediately after the waiver must be paid by March 15th and the boat must be in the assigned slip by June 1st. If no action is taken during the grace period, the member will forfeit his/her slip.
  26. When a slip becomes available to the next person on the waiting list, he or she must accept the assignment within two weeks after the notification from the Slip/Float Chairman, or be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. All slip fees are due and payable upon acceptance of the slip assignment. The member may not relocate his/her boat to the slip until all fees are paid in full.
  27. Seniority on the docks shall be determined by the date a member accepts and starts paying for a slip (slip waiting list will determine the order slips are offered). This will be independent from membership seniority, except when two or more members have the same date of entering the float system, and then the senior member will be the first in dock seniority. If a member leaves the float system they forfeit their seniority. (One year waivers are not considered leaving the float system).
  28. Discretion and supervision by all members and transient guests must be exercised pertaining to noise, drunkenness, running or playing on floats, swimming, diving, fishing and use of PFD’s on children under 12 years of age. Abusive conduct as stated above will constitute a misconduct violation.
  29. Any slip tenant who purchases a larger boat which will not fit into his/her assigned space may have to vacate the slip system.
  30. Basic use of electricity is restricted to lighting, radio, TV, and battery charging equipment. Fee for basic use of electricity will be $75 per season for boats without air conditioners and $150.00 per season for all boats equipped with air conditioners. The Slip/Float Committee does not allow heaters or other heavy drawing electrical appliances without prior approval.
  31. Sales of Boats: All boats must be moved off their slip and/or mooring at the Point of Transfer of Ownership. Failure to do so shall result in appropriate action by the Board of Directors.
  32. Violators of Slip/Float Rules are liable for Suspension at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  33. Spring lines shall be added to the outboard side of all boats stern into floats, see posted diagram. Anyone adversely touching another member’s line(s) will be subject to rule 32.