Flag Officers

  • Jere Douglass


  • Jeanette Begley

    Vice Commodore

    Oversees: Treasurer Stewards / Dinghy Gas & Launch Lockers Fireworks/ Deckparty Family Day Adult Christmas Socia

  • Keith Connaughton

    Rear Commodore

    Oversees: Slip / Float Committee Float Installation & Maintenance Opening Night Refreshments QBRW Advertising Opening Day Children's Christmas Party


  • Mike Wille

    Past Commodore

  • P.C. Cathy Daniels


    Keeper of Records

  • Mark Cherwek


    Oversees: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Recording all Committee Expenses & Revenue, Tracking Actual Expenses Against Projected (budgeted)

Board of Directors

  • Jere Douglass


  • Jeanette Begley

    Vice Commodore

  • Keith Connaughton

    Rear Commodore

  • Walter Deacon

    Chair, Finance Committee

  • Mark Cherwek

    Treasurer, Finance Committee

  • P.C. Cathy Daniels


  • Mike Wille

    Past Commodore

  • P.C. Bill Conway

    House Committee

  • Adam Yarosh


  • Paul McAleney

  • Rob Quinn

  • Chris Whitely

  • Ruthann Whitten

  • Peter Morris


  • Finance Committee

    Walter Deacon, Chair

    Committee responsibilities include: Oversight of Audit Committee, Guide Board in Budget Forecasting, Assist Treasurer As Needed

  • House Committee

    P.C. Bill Conway, Chair

    Committee responsibilities include: Building Maintenance, Invasions, Tenders, House Rules, Family Day, & Deck and Yard

Other Offices

  • Docks

    Adam Yarosh

  • Fleet Captains

    John Hill/ Laura Yarosh

  • Bar / Club Rentals

    Billy West

  • Security Director

    Jeanette Begley

  • Juniors Program

    Danielle Begley

  • Moorings

    Peter Rourke

  • Sailing/Race Regatta

    Pia Peters

  • Membership

    Herb Clifford

  • By Laws

    Ruthann Whitten

  • Lockers

    Lisa Conway

  • Galley

    Chris Whitley

  • Dinghy/Kayak Slips

    P.C. Mike Wille

  • Launch

    Kerry Daniels

  • Fuel

    Bob Donnellan/Jon Flynn

  • Entertainment

    Donna Dyer

  • House

    P.C. Bill Conway

  • Finance

    Walter Deacon

  • Transient Dockage

    John Dudek

  • Sea Scout Ship

    Justin Crisafulli

  • Website

    Sean Tierney